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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 27, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> they can't predict when the next big one will hit, the heyward fault line is due for a major shake-up. it's been 143 years since the faults line has had a major rupture and stress is building. >> conceivably all of these three segments are loaded, fully strained and ready to go. >> if one goes, could cascade into the next segment. what starts as a 6.8 by the time it finishes rupturing to the end is a 7.2. >> which is the same size quake that just devastated turkey. seismologists say they're hoping the small quakes along the heyward fault are isolated. they've seen activity pop up like this before and nothing comes of it. they'll be re-evaluating if it continues for weeks. >> this is the wakeup call. people need to be reminded. we do live in earthquake country. we need to be prepared for the
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big ones. >> they say while they're concerned, especially of late, they like many aren't yet prepared. >> i water. that's about it. no emergency lights or anything like that. i don't have much. >> seismologists say odds are one in three that the heyward fault line will produce a massive earthquake in the next 30 years. live in berkeley, kimberly terry nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thanks so much. this just in, police in the south bay need your help catching the man behind an assault at deantha college. the man asked the victim for help before luring her into a parking garage. that's when he choked the woman until she passed out. the victim regained consciousness, but the suspect had already fled the scene. this is quickly becoming a national story. now they are reoccupying oakland.
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the tents have been repitched, at least that's the process they're in now. sleeping bags are coming back, bbq's and music. this has been a dramatic change of strategy for the mayor allowing the protesters to move back in. we bring in jodi hernandez who joins us from oakland. a lot of criticism nationally and locally for mayor quan. >> there certainly is, raj. people here are very angry both with mayor quan and the city of oakland. and as promised, they are setting up camp once again, you can see the tents have been pitched out here at frank ogalla plaza. about a dozen tents have been set up here tonight. there is growing outrage over the injuries suffered by an iraq war veteran. can you see a tribute has been set up here at the plaza for scott olson, who was seriously injured during tuesday night's
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protest. his story is getting national and international attention tonight. and today we talked to somebody who was standing right next to him when he went down. >> they started firing the tear gas and everyone ran. >> claire describes the chaos of tuesday night. she was protesting alongside iraq war veteran scott olson when he got hit with what witnesses say was a tear gas canister. >> i turned over his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. he was bleeding out of his mouth from his head. nothing, wake up, can you hear me. >> she and others were carrying olson to safety when they got hit again. >> while we were clearly screaming for medical attention, a police officer so kindly threw a flash grenade. it hit me in the leg and exploded. it makes me really sad.
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i moved here a month and a half ago from dayton ohio. only 20 years old. i've never been so disappointed in my government. >> his military hat, i thought he would want it back. >> reporter: she says the man who served two tours of duty in iraq, doesn't deserve what he's suffering, a fractured skull and possible brain damage. >> i think that scott olson was a hero before tuesday. and the fact nawaz a war veteran he came to support this cause speaks volumes about him as a person. i didn't personally know him, but i'm honored that i was in to stand with him. >> we are back here -- >> we're having some technical
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difficulties, jodi hernandez thank you for your live report. the mayor and police chief are under pressure to explain why hundreds of officers gathered near the occupy encampment but didn't go to the camp. the san francisco police department says the officers are called in every wednesday for training sessions. greg sur says they gather on treasure island overnight to practice staging for major events. they were on stand by in this case, there was more trouble across the bridge at occupy oakland. >> i didn't say it was a training exercise. we took advantage on a training day to train what we may have to do down the line. >> members of the occupy san francisco encampment spent hours waiting for a possible police raid. the officers never came. >> the occupy movement started on wall street. protesters upset about the financial inequality in this country. coincidentally wall street is on track to have its best october since 1974.
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let's bring in business and tech reporter scott bud man with today's big news. the occupy movement has been about fighting the power, the banks and the markets but the numbers don't lie. today and for the last few months, those organizations have been growing and making money. at the opening bell, u.s. stocks shot up after welcomed news from europe, a last minute trillion dollar deal by the european union to bail out greece and save the euro economy from collapse. president obama was relieved. >> if europe is weak, if europe is not growing as our late largest trading partner, that's going to have an impact on our businesses and our ability to create jobs here in the united states. >> there's mixed news at home. retail sales up 2.5%. but still not enough growth to spark hiring. and as the unemployed know, gas
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prices are high. america's largest company exxon mobil boosted profits 41%. plus, the number of americans who bought homes fell for the third straight month. that's bad news for the middle class. as today's stock market rally is celebrated, disproportionately by the rich. >> look at these numbers, optimism about both europe and our economy, sending investors into a buying frenzy. a bay area stock to watch tomorrow, hewlett-packard this afternoon announcing its plans to remain in the personal computer business. the first big strategy decision for new ceo meg whitman, back to you. >> could keep jobs here in the bay area, thanks so much. a plan has been laid out to reform california's retirement system. he's proposing a hybrid pension system where guaranteed benefits
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are combined with a 401(k) style plan, and he wants to eliminate air time which allows employees to buy additional service credit for time not worked. the plan takes away pensions for convicted felons and prevents retroactive pension increases. it's considered a small victory for republican lawmakers who have been calling for pension reform in january. >> these pension reforms will go a long way toward making our pension system more sustainable and more fair both to the taxpayer and the employee. >> how bad is the pension problem? it depends on who you ask. the state's pension system is somewhere between 100 billion and $500 billion in dealt. in the court of public opinion, it's a controversial move. the dodgers owner frank mccourt has filed a civil complaint against severely injured giants fan brian stow. the dodgers are not solely at fault for the opening day
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assault. the stow family is currently suing dodgers for negligence. mccourt is firing back, saying that the man arrested for at tack should be the target of the blame. the civil complaint also insinuates that stow share some of the blame. it takes at least two people to tango. if it goes before a jury the case requires the jury to sign a percentage of liability to the attackers, stow himself and mccourt among others. another lawsuit filed in federal court today against walmart filed a new lawsuit claiming the retail giant pays and promotes men ahead of women. the lawsuit is a scaled back version of a class action lawsuit tossed out by the supreme court earlier this year. the high court said that lawsuit, which represented women employees nationwide was too proud. the new lawsuit is limited to the company's 220 california
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stores. and an estimated 95,000 female employees. still ahead at 5:00, a desperate man trying to get drugs at any cost. that's the defense team's argument. the defense team for michael jackson's doctor closing in on his last attempts to prove the doctor's innocence. a longstanding organization faced with a new age question. a boy in the fight of his life to join the girl scouts. a new treatment for an age old problem, lice. good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, after temperatures this morning near record levels, a very nice rebound with fog free conditions i san francisco. and current numbers in the low to mid-70s in the south bay. we'll talk about our cold night, and when our next chancens omis cbaing o tback o is coming back to the bay area in minutes. th
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the u.s. military's don't ask don't tell policy may no longer be in effect, but that is not stopping married gay personnel who are demanding benefits. both current and former gay service members were named in a federal lawsuit. they want the same military benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples. the lawsuit claims current policies ignoring same sex marriages cause undue financial and emotional hardship. a 7-year-old colorado boy is anxiously awaiting word if he can join the girl scouts. bobby montoya was born a boy, but ever since the age of two, he's convinced he's a girl. he dresses in girl clothes, p y
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plays with girl toys and even had a princess birthday party. >> i said, what's the big deal? she said, it doesn't matter how he looks, he has boy scouts, he can't be a girl scout. >> tonight the girl scouts of colorado say they're still considering his membership. the organization said, girl scouts is an inclusive organization. if a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, girl scouts of colorado welcomes her as a girl scout. no word if a decision will be made? the fallout from the nuclear disaster in japan can be much worse than first estimated. the fukushima disaster relesioned twice as much radiation into the atmosphere than japanese authorities first estimated. the amount is about 40% of that
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released in chernobyl in 1986 which is the worst nuclear disaster in history. the new estimate comes from a worldwide network of sensors. topping our health watch tonight, lice, just the word can make your head itch. there's a new way to kill the creepy crawlies without any chemicals. marianne? >> it's called the house buster, the fda recently cleared the device, can you get the lice busting treatment in the privacy of your own home. no, this isn't a high end head massage, this treatment is targeting lice. >> i can't stand them. i get itchy every time i hear the word. which is why she's having her daughter test out the louse buster. it uses dry heat to zap the scalp pests. >> it's the right amount of time at the right temperature, with the right amount of flow rate. it basically decembssicates thes
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that are nearest to the scalp, which are the ones you have to worry about. >> marcy will come into your home and give you the louse buster treatment. >> it hits about 99.2% of the eggs and 87% of the live lice. >> there's no smell, no irritation, because there are no chemicals. a relief to many moms. >> i like that it's not toxic. i have three daughters and they've all at one point in time had lice going through day care and school. >> she says in the past, her 12-year-old daughter had to stay home for school while she treated her for lice. she remembers those drugstore treatments all too well. >> usually my hair would get caught in the comb and it would really hurt. >> reporter: karina is testing out this option in case she's faced with the problem again. because this uses heated air,
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there is a slight possibility of scalp burn. but karina experienced just the open sift. >> it was very comfortable, really warm and relaxing. >> reporter: a relaxing way to douse a louse. >> unlike many chemical treatments, this device kills both the live lice and the eggs. you can learn more about the device at mary ann fab row nbc bay area news. they've been connected since birth, but these two sisters will soon undergo separation surgery. angelina and angelica will undergo the surgery next week at stanford. they're joined at the chest and abdomen and have separate hearts, brains, kidneys, stomachs and intestines. this will be the second set of conjoined twins separated at the children's hospital. a team of doctors performed a similar surgery in 2007. the chance of conjoins twins is one in every 100,000 births
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worldwide. >> amazing the doctors at louis eel packard. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. this was suntan weather today? >> we were out enjoying it. >> i guess you could call it that. very optimistic -- >> have you seen my suntan? >> yes. let's take a look at the lows. we have a nice rebound as raj mentioned. it was warmer out there today. napa dropping to 35, santa rosa at 36. that did tie the old record at 36. san jose with 46. let's get a look outside right now, no fog from san bruno mountain, looking toward the bay bridge. we're seeing these winds quite a bit from yesterday. we had that red flag fire warning. very calm here across most of the bay area. numbers warming up here, just a smi smyth. we had 74 in santa rosa.
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72 in san francisco. a nice little warm blast for us today. as we head throughout tonight, the clear skies will aid in more cooling. we're expecting isolated areas to drop into the 30s yet again. more sunshine for friday. we're talking about possible rain coming in our seven-day forecast. let's get a look at our satellite and radar picture. high cloud cover across eureka. we're not going to see any of that cloud cover tonight. what we have happening is another storm system developing offshore. this is about the fifth storm system we've seen pass us on by. we could see rainfall, but it's not going to be here for the next 48 hours. 70s inland for tomorrow. for the weekend it still stays dry and mild. we want to get to those cold fell tours tonight. we'll be dropping down to 37 in santa rosa. 46 in napa, 45 in gilroy, even 47 in san jose, we'll be near
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record setting lows in the north bay yet again for tonight. as for tomorrow on your friday, we'll go near 80 degrees here at morgan hill. san jose 76, dublin at 79 and livermore 77 as well. for the peninsula, mix of low to mid-70s from san francisco down to redwood city. atherton and menlo park. 77 in napa, and more mid-70s you'll find in the north bay with upper 60s at bodega bay. you might need a light jacket. morning time on nbc bay we have the weather section fully upgreated. you have to check it out. you can read about my bioand my colleagues as well. >> an your seven-day forecast, we're staying dry all the way through halloween on monday. that's a rain cloud on thursday. it's our chance of rain coming on back to janelle. it is rain.
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>> i see those raindrops. >> looks like a pretty good chance by next thursday. >>up next, a photo shoot that turned -- look at that -- into the perfect photo. and michael jackson a drug addict? the final witnesses testify in the trial of jackson's personal doctor. i couldn't afford my health insurance anymore
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after nearly three centuries under water, researchers pulled up a one ton cannon from the wreck of blackbeard's flagship off the north carolina coast today. the notorious english pirate. the cannon was brought ashore and put on display before taken to a lab. the queen anne's revenge project has been working since 1997 to bring up artifacts from the wreck. they now have recovered a third of the ship which sank in 1718. two of the final witnesses
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in the trial of michael jackson's personal doctor took the stand today, and they painted a picture of the singer as a desperate addict. he appeared to be hooked on demerol. and when dr. conrad murray gave his own cocktail of drugs to the singer, he didn't know the si singer was a demerol addict. >> he was dependent on demerol. >> what about addicted? >> possibly. >> based on my prior definition, and what's known about his public behavior, and this course of treatment that he was probably addicted to opiates. >> a propofol expert will be the final defense witness, his testimony is meant to establish it's possible michael jackson gave himself the fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol. is it one of the bogra ts oe ographs of the year? see for yourself.
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talk about perfect timing, cheng out this amazing picture. it was taken during a marketing shoot for the santa cruz county conference and visitor's counsel. the shoot was set up when all of a sudden two humpback whales breached off the side of their boat. the kayaker is in the picture he said the whales were so close to him, he had to duck to avoid being hit by the tails. >> it looks like he's photo shopped in it. >> i know. >> what a great picture. >> thanks for joining us tonight. h
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